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Tennis is one of the world's most popular sports, with billions of fans, alongside heavyweights like football. This enduring appeal might be attributed to its long tradition, which spans five centuries. 

Tennis has shared countless stories over its long existence, but its reputation as a beloved sport has remained consistent. The growth of online sports betting has increased the excitement around tennis, making Tipsportal your one-stop shop for sports betting tips on all of your favorite tournaments.

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Tennis Leagues That You Can Place Bets On

Tennis has several events throughout the year, giving fans regular betting options. From thrilling Grand Slams to fascinating professional tours, there is always a competitive match to bet on. This list features some of the most prominent tournaments on the tennis calendar.

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP)

The Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) is the primary organization in men's professional tennis. Founded in 1972 to represent player interests, it manages three major circuits: the ATP Tour (premier level), the ATP Challenger Tour (developing level), and the ATP Champions Tour (legends' tournaments). Originally known as the ATP Tour, the association has changed its name many times throughout the years, while the major tour has been known as the ATP Tour, ATP World Tour, and, most recently, the ATP Tour. 

This evolution highlights the ATP's involvement in defining and managing men's professional tennis since its separation from previous tournaments like the Grand Prix and the World Championship Tour.


ATP - Singles 2024 Rankings

1Novak DjokovicSerbia & Montenegro10035
2Jannik SinnerItaly8750
3Carlos AlcarazSpain8645
4Daniil MedvedevRussia7085
5Alexander ZverevGermany5425
6Casper RuudNorway4025
7Stefanos TsitsipasGreece3995
8Andrey RublevRussia3935
9Hubert HurkaczPoland3675
10Grigor DimitrovBulgaria3640

The Women's Tennis Association (WTA)

The Women's Tennis Association (WTA), founded in 1973 by Billie Jean King with a focus on equal opportunity, is the world's leading organization for women's professional tennis. It features more than 2500 players from over 100 countries competing for WTA ranking points and championship crowns.

The WTA Tour is a huge company that includes more than 50 tournaments on six continents and approximately 30 countries and regions. These tournaments, including the popular Grand Slams, attract a global viewership of more than 687 million.

The season finishes with the WTA Finals, which recognize the top-ranked singles and doubles players based on year-end rankings.


WTA - Singles 2024 Rankings

1Iga SwiatekPoland10835
2Aryna SabalenkaBelarus8045
3Coco GauffUSA7205
4Elena RybakinaRussia5848
5Jessica PegulaUSA4870
6Maria SakkariGreece4195
7Qinwen ZhengChina3995
8Marketa VondrousovaCzech Republic3895
9Ons JabeurTunisia3658
10Jelena OstapenkoLatvia3438

US Open 

The US Open, commonly known as the United States Open Tennis Championships, is a highly regarded international tennis competition played on hard courts. The last Grand Slam tournament of the year takes place over two weeks in late August and early September. The last three Grand Slams are the Australian Open, the French Open, and Wimbledon. 

Since 1978, the US Open has been played on acrylic hard courts at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens, New York. The competition has five major championships: men's and women's singles, men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles. It also hosts competitions for seniors, juniors, and wheelchair players.


Australian Open 

The Australian Open, held every year in Melbourne, Australia, is the first of the famous Grand Slam tennis tournaments, starting the season in mid-January and lasting two weeks. It has a bright atmosphere, garnering the title of "the happy slam," and holds the record for the biggest Grand Slam attendance, topping 1.1 million in 2024 (including qualifications). 

The competition, previously known as the Australasian Championships (established in 1905), includes competitions for men's and women's singles and doubles, mixed doubles, wheelchair, juniors, legends, and even exhibitions. 


A Brief History of Tennis 

Tennis originated in 16th-century France, although the game has changed much from its current version. The discovery of vulcanized rubber in 1850, which allowed for outdoor play on grass courts, was a watershed moment. Major Walter Wingfield's "Playing Ball" idea, introduced in 1873, is regarded as the cornerstone of modern tennis, moving from an hourglass-shaped court to the rectangular court we see today.

In 1877, the All England Croquet Club in Wimbledon hosted the first documented tennis event, with rules that were considerably different from those used today. Women were initially barred from serving, and it was done in secret. 

Tennis became popular in the United States due to Mary Ewing Outerbridge, who discovered the sport in Bermuda and promoted it to her social circle upon her return home. Her brother recognized the sport's potential and built the first tennis court in the United States at the Staten Island Cricket and Baseball Club.

The United States National Lawn Tennis Association was founded in 1884, first excluding women but later allowing them to compete in singles and doubles. This gender parity is said to have contributed to tennis's quick popularity. Players' skill levels and equipment advanced with time, with players such as Helen Wills dominating the 1920s. 

Tennis has become a worldwide phenomenon, with participation in the majority of countries on all continents except Antarctica. Tennis has historically thrived in Europe, North America, and Australia, but it is now very popular in Asia, South America, and Africa. Even the Middle East has tournaments, with rich elites driving their love for the sport.

Tennis Betting Landscape 

Online sportsbooks have emerged as a driving factor in tennis betting. With greater options for those who bet, competition among sportsbooks has gone up. This translates into better odds and more appealing rewards for bettors, making it simpler to identify value while placing bets.

Technology is also playing an important role. The ease of access to data and analytics tools allows bettors to make smarter decisions. Analyzing previous performance and patterns might offer a competitive edge.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are on the rise, allowing advanced data analysis and even future prediction. Furthermore, virtual reality simulations allow bettors to experience matches firsthand, while augmented reality delivers real-time updates throughout games.

The future of legalized tennis betting seems optimistic. Advancements are expected to make online and mobile betting easier to access, which might boost participation. Legalization in more countries could bring about increases in prize money for tournaments, encouraging even more bettors. All signs point to a strong market for legalized tennis betting in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Grand Slams? 

The four most prestigious tennis events in a calendar year are the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open.

When is the US Open played? 

The last Grand Slam is the US Open, which takes place on hard courts for two weeks in late August and early September.

When is the Australian Open held? 

The Australian Open begins the tennis season in mid-January, lasts two weeks, and is known for its vibrant atmosphere.

Where can I find tennis betting tips? 

At Tipsportal, we're here to provide you with free sports betting tips and keep you in the loop with the latest sports events. Whether it's tennis or any other sport, stay updated with us. Stay ahead of the game and don't skip a beat!

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