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On a worldwide scale, cricket is the second most-watched sport behind football. Among the countries with a huge cricket fan base and a historic stadium dedicated to the sport are Australia and India. The numbers demonstrate the popularity of cricket and its growing fan base.


Cricket’s magic power is to bring fans from all over the world together, which is what makes the sport so unique. It does not matter if you achieve your best results in a country where cricket has been present for ages or in a country where cricket is just being recognized—the passion for the game surpasses both borders and cultures. Cricket is a sports phenomenon that can bring together the same nation or diverse people, regardless of their nationality, as one family sharing a love for it.


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What is Cricket and How the Game Works?

Cricket, which is also called the "gentlemen's game," has come a long way since its beginnings in the past centuries. This bat-and-ball game, which owes its origin to the English Fields, has been so dynamic, a heritage that the whole world has now embraced and is played by people all around.


Imagine a game played between two teams of eleven players each. One team takes turns trying to score runs by hitting a ball and running between two sets of wickets, while the other team tries to stop them. The game takes place on a field that has the shape of an oval with a rectangular pitch. Score as many runs as you can before the opposing team scores that many too.


The game starts with a coin toss to decide who bats first. Matches can have one or two innings per team, where each team gets a chance to bat and bowl. The outfield team sends players out around the field involved in the action, whereas the wicketkeeper squats behind the wickets to stop any missed ball from charging. 


Ten fielders are positioned around the field by the fielding squad, while a wicketkeeper ducks down behind the wickets to collect balls that are missed. The bowler throws the ball in the direction of the batter, who is trying to hit it. The batter can run between the wickets with a teammate to score runs if they strike the ball. The side with the most runs at the end wins! 


A Brief History of Cricket

The game of cricket was first born in the 13th-century English countryside as a leisurely part-time occupation for shepherds and farmers. The first time 'Creckett' was written was in a legal document dated 1598. But now, in the 17th century, the game of cricket has reached new heights, causing even some nobility to be eager to follow. The Hambledon Club, which dates back to the 1760s, served as the kingpin in the creation of official rules. 


Over the years, counties like Surrey and Kent organized cricket matches for stakes, which for the first time made it competitive. One of the notable players was W.G. Grace, who played during this period. The Test Match between England and Australia in 1877 was a milestone in history, with it being the first international cricket fixture. The longest version of the sport in terms of time played, Test cricket, played over five days, became the highest form of it. 


Long before a World Cup was a dream come true, a five-match series between these two countries had already begun as far back as 1882, known as The Ashes, and was bound to be involved in this fierce rivalry. The 20th century saw the introduction of limited-overs cricket to make the game more appealing. The so-called One-Day International (ODI) with a colored jersey and a white ball was introduced in 1971, which has developed into a much-loved ICC Cricket World Cup that takes place every four years.


The 21st century brought another exciting twist: the T20 format (also known as Twenty20 cricket). This was a break from the traditional cricket formats; the fast-paced, high-scoring format captivated audiences across the globe. By many accounts, the first T20 World Cup in 2007 was the turning point for T20's international debut. 


Now, it has grown into a sport with such a large number of fans in countries such as India, Australia, England, Pakistan, and South Africa. The ICC (International Cricket Council) is the international governing body of cricket, organizing international tournaments as well as ensuring fair play and the preservation of the sport's traditions.


Cricket Tournaments: Explore Different Cricket Formats 

Cricket's different forms might be difficult at first, but you may compare it to becoming familiar with the different flavors of your favorite foods! The T20 World Cup that is now being discussed is the most compact and exciting edition, with games lasting only a few hours. Additionally, there is Test cricket, which is similar to a multi-day marathon contest and is played over a couple of days. ODIs, or one-day internationals, fall in the middle. To understand more about these formats, please scroll down below.


One Day International (ODI)

A one-day international cricket match, also known as an ODI, is a fast-paced and exciting format where both teams get a chance to bat and bowl once within a single day. The batting team adds up a score to set the target score the second team has to chase. Every team can take these 50 overs, which can be understood as innings in baseball, to bat and have a chance to bowl.


Bowlers are bound to specific rules, such as staying within a predetermined crease when bowling. If they do, there's little chance of a dismissal, and the hitter receives a free hit. 


As opposed to some matches, where they end up in the draw at the end due to bad weather situations, ODIs always have settled results. These matches are packed with action and colorful uniforms, sometimes even played at night under floodlights, creating a thrilling atmosphere for fans. 


T20 Cricket (Twenty-Twenty)

T20 is a fast-paced format and is also one of the most entertaining and shortest forms of the game, giving a great chance for introduction. Here's the gist: both teams will get 20 overs (the number of times throwers can bowl), each of which they need to get as many runs as they can. The team with the highest score at the end will be declared the winner!


T20 cricket offers a lot of excitement, as seen in the Indian Premier League (IPL). The best players in the world compete for local Indian teams in this prestigious competition.


Test Cricket 

The longest cricket format is test cricket, which stretches across five days. Though a team may only bat once in certain situations, both teams have two opportunities to bowl and bat. The actual test occurs when the game takes unexpected twists, even though the basic rules appear simple.


Usually, the team batting first tries to make as many runs as they can before they get bowled out or set about declaring their innings. This declared score becomes the target for the opposing team. The second team then tries to surpass that score. 


If successful, they have an `edge' and they can declare at any time or bat till they are out. This up-and-down between scoring runs and bowling out the other side keeps the game exciting and suspenseful for all five days.


The “Tour”

Most one-day, T20 and test matches take place on "tours." During a tour, a team from a specific country visits another to play exhibition matches, sometimes against elite teams or domestic teams like county or regional teams.


Numerous Twenty20 and One-Day (ODI) matches against the host country, as well as an event between the host country and another visiting team, are all options besides a few Test matches with the host nation. Tests, ODIs, and T20Is, or just a few of the aforementioned forms, may be included in a tour.


Test series vary in length from two to six games; however, many tours include just one test. A multi-team one-day tournament also referred to as a "triangular" or "quadrangular" competition, may be included in tours. Teams face each other twice during a round-robin round.


Points are given out for wins, draws, and no results. Extra points may also be awarded for specific events, depending on the winning margin. The two teams with the most points at the end of the round-robin could play in the final game.

Cricket Betting Landscape on an International Level

In some locations, cricket fans find it a challenging situation. Even if it's illegal for them to place bets on the sport in their own country, there are some enticing offshore betting sites available online. These offshore sites might seem attractive, but they come with significant risks. They don’t have local authorities supervising them, which means there is no assurance of fairness and safety for the users.


On the other hand, authorized and licensed betting websites provide people with a much safer option. This kind of platform is controlled by the authorities and commissions to ensure it meets high standards. In this case, they operate under official licensing and have physical locations alongside their online presence. 


You are free to enjoy yourself when placing cricket bets, knowing that you are protected.


It is important to remember that some countries have officially disallowed sports betting, including cricket, which is illegal in every way. These laws aim to prevent unlawful gambling, eliminate corruption, and protect the integrity of the sport.


Understanding the rules and regulations imposed by the government is crucial in countries where online betting is allowed. Both those who host and participate in online cricket betting tournaments are subject to these rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it legal to place bets on cricket tournaments? 

Sports betting laws, including cricket, vary by country. Some countries have completely banned it, while others allow this activity through regulated and licensed betting sites. Remember, always check your local laws before placing any bets to prevent legal concerns.


Where can I get the latest cricket betting tips?

Get the latest sports betting tips for cricket and other sports right here at Tipsportal. It is our responsibility to give you the information you need to make informed betting decisions so you may enjoy the game aside from trying to make money.


What are the different formats of cricket?

There are three formats of cricket: T20 (shortest and fastest format), One Day International (50 overs per inning), and Test Cricket (longest format of cricket).

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