T20 World Cup 2024: The Cricket Tournament is Now in the USA!

With a shared hosting by the United States for the 2024 Men’s T20 World Cup, cricket is in the position of historical entry in America. Tournament director, Mr. Fawwaz Baksh, looks at this occasion as one of the launching pads for the sport’s progression in the country. 

Baksh recognizes cricket’s long-standing presence through the International Cricket Council (ICC) and also within the US. He admits that although cricket is not something new in the USA if compared with the other sports, it is still struggling to reach the top of popularity. This tournament is a key step towards changing that.

Organizing MLC’s (Major League Cricket) last season and its success in 2022, Baksh already suggests that the foundation has been laid for the tournament in the T20 World Cup. Tickets for the MLC games in Texas and North Carolina are sold out—a wild sign that the upcoming World Cup in June is going to be a big success.

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The USA Was a Natural Choice to Host the 2024 T20 World Cup. 

Tournament director Arun Baksh revealed the United States as one of the chosen host countries for the upcoming ICC Men’s T20 World Cup. Baksh unsurprisingly points out this fact, drawing on the continuous rise of cricket’s popularity in the USA, mostly among South Asian immigrants who came with a love for this game. Apart from that, the US caters to a sports club culture that celebrates multiple events and has great locations for the staging of exciting matches.

When discussing the US and the West Indies, the co-host, Baksh, was excited, calling them the “perfect cocktail” for organizing such a fantastic event. The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, which was hosted in 2007 and 2010, the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup, which was held in 2018, and the ICC Men’s Under-19 World Cup, which was held in 2010, serve as proof that the West Indies is no stranger to hosting big cricket tournaments.

Ticket Demand Explodes for World Cup Matches

An interesting thing happened: tickets for the Cricket World Cup matches in the United States were in high demand. While organizers had expected high ticket sales in the US and the West Indies, the tournament director described the actual response as “very, very exciting,” well above their expectations. During the public application period, almost 6 million ticket requests were received, which also shows a significant number of American citizens.

The US matches have exceeded the demands. The Indian versus Pakistan ICC World Cup match held in New York was oversubscribed by over 200 times! The organizers’ positive vibe was made even better by the unexpectedly high level of participant responsiveness, which represents a breakthrough in the US and other growing markets. The most regrettable aspect of this is that not all of the supporters who qualified to buy tickets could fit inside the current stadium capacity.

Many cricket fans are upset that they cannot attend the preferred match in person due to the strong demand for tickets for the upcoming cricket tournament. Tournament director Baksh acknowledged this unfortunate reality but offered hope. Some tickets might be returned from sponsors or stakeholders, so fans should constantly check the ticket portal for last-minute options. 

Even without tickets, fans can still partake in the festivities. Fan plazas are arranged for an amazing variety of activities before and during the competitions. Baksh underlined that they don’t aim to organize an ordinary event but rather a carnival-flavored one, which will be the main theme of the event. They have an opening ceremony in Dallas where they wish to make a spectacular show and celebrate the tournament.

The Cricket World Cup Is Actively Working Towards Inclusivity! 

The advent of the cricket tournament is highly anticipated! It will be a one-of-a-kind competition that will debut many new teams. US and Canada for their first-time participation in a T20 cricket event under the ICC

This is all about inclusivity, according to Baksh, who mentions that the participants have increased from 16 teams to 20. It would result in many more players from all around the globe having the chance to play in this global arena.

Finally, the International Cricket Council launched a fantastic campaign called “Out of this World” that used giant cricket balls to represent nine host cities, including Bridgetown, Barbados, and Times Square in New York.

This Upcoming Event Will Surely Marks a Lasting History 

Apart from making the event successful for everyone, including the director himself, Baksh has a deeper vision. He desires the game to make a mark and to be memorable, one that is forever etched in the minds of the audience, fans, and even the players, even after the final buzzer. 

This shows Baksh’s dedication to the development of the sport in the United States. He believed that the tournament should be seen as the start of the sport’s development in America.

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