Germany Comfarably Win Against Hungary; Scotland and Switzerland Battle to a Draw

Last Updated on July 3, 2024

Germany 2-0 Hungary

The host nation Germany, continued their dominance in Euro 2024 with another comfortable victory, while Hungary had a devastating scoreless night as they faced their second defeat of the tournament in a score of 2-0. 

In the first half of the match, Hungary fell behind their defense allowing Germany to take the lead in the 22nd minute through Jamal Musiala who made an easy straight goal. Although Hungary had several opportunities to score, Germany continued to dominate the game allowing them to make the second and winning goal of the night. 

Ilkay Gündogan made a simple finish in the bottom right corner giving a double lead to Germany in the 67th minute. Despite a spirited performance by Hungary, they still failed to make a comeback win. They may be a difficult opponent but at the end of this game, Germany succeeded in beating them on their home soil. 

This victory gives hope to countless German fans to be a step further on their dream for a fourth European Championship title and secure their spot in the knockout stage as the first team in the competition. But leaving Hungary in a difficult situation to advance in the tournament as they need to win their last match and hope for the favor to be on their side. 

Croatia 2-2 Albania

With both teams losing their first game in the opening tournament, Albania secured a dramatic 2-2 draw against Croatia. 

At the start of the game, Albania made the first goal as Qazim Lazi headed the first ball inside the net, giving Albania the early goal after just 11 minutes. However, as the second half started, Croatia fought back again after  Andrej Kramaric took the ball in stride making their first goal of the night. 

And just right after that, two minutes later Sučić’s made another goal at the back of the Albanian net, giving them the lead of the game. Croatia seems to have a secure win as the game comes to an end not until Klaus Gjasula was able to redeem himself after having a dramatic goal with an excellent finish for the late equaliser leaving both teams with the same point after two games. 

As the game ends in a draw, both teams face a desperate fight in their remaining matches to their last hope of achieving the Euro championship title.

Scotland 1-1 Switzerland

Despite their previous loss in Germany, Scotland was able to push a draw match against Switzerland in a score of 1-1, keeping the dream of reaching the knockout stages alive for the first time. 

Scotland started strong having the first goal of the match in the first 12th minute. Scott McTominay gave a left-footed shot from the center giving the first lead of the night to his team. However, the celebration was short-lived as McTominay had an injury during the game, forcing a delay for a bit. After the game was resumed, the favor suddenly shifted to Switzerland. 

During the 25th minute of the match, right after the resumption of the match, Xherdan Sahqirri gave a left-footed shot to the top left corner, making the score equal. Another attempt by Widmer was made but it was missed. 

Even after the first half, both teams had several opportunities to score but didn’t score a single goal in the second half. Scotland’s goalkeeper, Angus Gann made some important saves, while Hanly came close to scoring after having a free-kick but this wasn’t enough. 

Although a win would be better for Scotland after losing their first match in the tournament, this draw match between Scotland gave them a chance to fight for their goal of winning the championship. 

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