Euro 2024

Belgium, Slovakia, & Romania Claim Remaining Knockout Spots

Last Updated on June 27, 2024

Ukraine 0-0 Belgium

Despite not scoring any goals in the game, Belgium managed to finish second in Group E, and qualify for the next stage, while Ukraine’s effort was not good enough to come up with the winning goal and their 0-0 draw was not sufficient to see them through to the next stage of the Euro.

The pressure was on from the start even before all four teams in Group E began the final round. Since they have the same points as each other, it makes the competition even tougher as a single loss means they could be eliminated from the Euro — which unfortunately happens to Ukraine. 

The biggest opportunity fell to Romelu Lukaku, who wasted it in a manner that summed up the evening for Belgium. They get a few very good looks, but the attempt goes wide. Ukraine though was sitting back and holding Belgium very well while creating their own opportunities. Their determination was evident as they pushed hard at the beginning of the second half. They had an opportunity in additional time but the shot hit directly at the keeper.

In the end, it was a match that ended up in a tie. Belgium will get a second chance at glory in the next round, while Ukraine’s Euro 2024 finally comes to its sorrowful finale. 

Slovakia 1-1 Romania

In a thrilling draw match at Euro 2024, Slovakia and Romania claimed the remaining spots in the knockout rounds. Romania top Group E and Slovakia made it through with only three points as one the best third-placed teams.

As the game started, both teams started with a bang. Slovakia took the lead after just 24 minutes when Ondrej Duda headed his side in front, giving extreme tension to Romania. But Romania hit back straightaway. Romania was then handed an equalizer with another VAR-assisted penalty in first-half stoppage time, Razvan Marin making no mistake from the spot in the 36th minute.

The second half mirrored the first, with both Slovakia and Romania trying hard to score. They made it tough for the goalkeepers with their constant attacks. Despite their efforts, neither team managed to score before the game ended.

As the match has ended, Romania is the more victorious team as they top the group. They will now be facing the Netherlands in Munich in the knockout while England will face Slovakia in Gelsenkirchen.

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