Arda Guler Secures Turkey First Win; Portugal Snatches Last-Minute Victory

Last Updated on July 3, 2024

Turkey 3 – 1 Georgia

In the set match between Turkey and Georgia, fans across the globe witnessed a record-breaking goal that set a new record in the European Championship. Adra Guler, the Turkish youngster, at just 19 years and 114 days, surpassed Cristiano Ronaldo (19 years and 128 days) by becoming the youngest player to ever score on their European Championship debut.

And yet this unforgettable moment wasn’t just about the record, Guler’s goal helped secure a win for his team Turkey (3-1) against Georgia. 

Even during the beginning of the match, Turkey already scored the opening goal by Mert Müldür followed by a disallowed goal from Jena Yildiz. It was during the second period that history was made by Guler. Despite their loss, Georgia still, however, made their first goal marking their first-ever goal in the European Championship. 

Although they face a defeat, it doesn’t change the fact that Georgia still put up a good fight considering that this is their first game in the Euro. Both teams dealt blows to one another in a closely contested battle. But Guler netted in stoppage time to level and a counter-attack winner in added time saw Turkey through.

While Guler’s goal became the highlight of the match, Turkey’s number of promising talents also helped in their recent win. As the teams promised they would avoid a repeat of their recent performance at the last Euros, they are more than eager to make the same win in their upcoming matches. 

Portugal 2 – 1 Czech Republic

In another exciting match, the Euro title holders Portugal snatched the victory against the Czech Republic with a  2-1 score. Although during the first half of the game, none of the teams were able to make their first goal, Portugal dominated the game creating more opportunities. But it all went down during the second half when Lukas Provodo scored Czech’s first goal in Euro 2024 making the score 1-0 in favor of their end. 

However, Czech’s early celebration didn’t last as seven minutes later, Portugal player Nuno Mendes made their first goal in the match helping the teams to get back in the groove. But after the scoreless time of playing, Portugal made a sudden substitution due to an injury that secured their late win. 

21-year old Francisco Conceição delivered an unexpected win for Portugal with his last-minute goal. This match between Portugal and Czech does not only mark Portugal’s first  win in the Euro 2024 but also Ronaldo’s historic feat of becoming the first player to participate in six European Championships. 

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